Gig Review #03 The Lulas at Whirling Dervish

Thursday nights Whirling Dervish had an awesome lineup in store. I got to the show as first act James Lewis Mockett was performing. He had about three songs left all of which I enjoyed. James plays a mix of Originals and Cover songs. Some songs are even performed instrumentally . He keeps a crowd entertained with his mad guitar skills for most of the time. The creativity and speed is really something else. He finished the set with a strong cover of “Jolene” a clear crowd favorite. The second act was Pink Tide a band who seem to get better and better every time that I see them. Mixing Blues riffs in an Alternative Indie style with strong vocals. These always put 100% into their performances. I’m going to even say that this might have been the beat that I have heard them play. They certainly have been added to a list of band who I am always excited to see perform live. The headline band was The Lulas and it’s hard to believe that these have only been together since October past. They perform like they have had years of gigs behind them. The bands mix of funk and pop rock is a very uplifting sound. Almost like a mix between Red Hot Chilli Peppers and No Doubt. Singer Marina absolutely owns the stage from start to finish. This is only the second time that I have seen them but the songs felt familiar. Criminal being a favorite of mine. I’m genuinely excited to see how far this band can go because from what I’ve seen and heard there’s going to be exciting things ahead for them.

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