Gig Review #04 Sonic Sisters Club 3

The third Sonic Sisters Club was here and it’s made it three in a row for myself. I’m going to get to as many of these shows as I can because so far it’s delivered some awesome bands. This night was no different. I got to the show before the first act Charlotte Grayson who is now a two times Sonic Sister a she also played the first night. The third one saw her playing solo on acoustic. She started the set with her song “Maybe” which is also the love song of the set. Charlotte is good at telling a story in her songs which have influences of Indie Pop with bits of Country music shot in. She played her latest single “Drunk Girls” in the middle of the set. That song got a great reaction from the crowed. Her overall performance just gets better every time I see her perform she is certainly an act worth checking out. The second band was Salsola a band who have certainly been making a name of themselves in the past couple of years. They seem to have realized the potential of their sound since releasing the latest single “Embers”.A tight rhythm section a shoegazey and dream pop guitar parts topped with singer Vicky unique vocals style give these an edge to be able to stand out in any line up. They finished with the next single “Cass”. A class set by Salsola they certainly got a good response. The headline band Marine were like nothing that I have ever heard before. The music was just so hypnotic it all had a laid back kind of groove to it. Every song felt that it had a different influence behind them. It was all topped of with stunning harmonies and vocals. The only song I heard before seeing them was Big Dog which gave me a different impression going into the gig. The song stands out more for the more upbeat nature of it. But for me that was the best thing about the set because I was left pleasantly shocked by the set. They are a band who I’ll be looking out for.

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